Our HR Culture

A company’s most valuable asset is its mindset.

Why join us?

To take part in a great entrepreneurial adventure in eco-tourism in France and internationally, to evolve with confidence within a team, to find meaning in your work in an independent company that is respectful of the environment and open to other cultures.


Recruitment is a key element in Huttopia’s success. We choose to accompany and support the personal growth of young people who have the talent and desire to progress.
Huttopia is a young company that regularly recruits both for its campsites (campsite managers and team members) and its base camps (marketing, sales, engineering, development, finance, HR, and information systems).

Career paths

Huttopia offers a training programme for its employees.

We carry out structured training for new camp managers so that they can master the profession and immerse themselves in the company culture and mindset. We favour internal promotions and several of the company’s executives began as interns or team members.

Talent management

At Huttopia, a person’s value is not dependent on the number of years they have been with us. Taking initiative, showing commitment and obtaining results through hard work quickly open up new prospects. Salaries evolve regularly and the company has set up a profit-sharing policy so that its employees can benefit from the fruit of their work in relation to the company’s performance.

The company’s values are shared by all its teams, with a real spirit of initiative and innovation. Huttopia offers everyone the opportunity to evolve and flourish. We believe that a company’s most precious asset is its mindset. It allows it to grow without losing its soul and it is impossible to copy. It is built up over time, based on shared values.

Trust, imagination, autonomy, courage, solidarity and simplicity, these are the qualities of a true “Huttopian”!

There are many key factors to successfully evolving in our company culture. Every Huttopian can make their contribution, no specific diploma or background is required to join our teams – it is your personality that interests us, and a sense of commitment and sincerity, that will make the difference.