The Huttopia Foundation

Support projects in the field of ecotourism.


Showing that people are enriched both by contact with nature and by their differences with Others.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage entrepreneurial, cultural, educational and social actions related to the development of responsible tourism, which help to show both that nature is good for people and that it is therefore in our interest to take care of it, and that people are enriched by contact with others.

The Foundation develops and supports actions that:

  • Encourage innovation in the creation of habitats and ecotourism infrastructure through competitions and publications.
  • Inspire young people to enterprise in the field of responsible tourism.
  • Support initiatives aimed at allowing as many people as possible to enjoy holidays in contact with nature.
  • Contribute to raising awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism through conferences, research, and publications.


Supporting initiatives related to Ecotourism

Contest Tiny House 3rd Edition

Tiny : Beyond the Utopia


The Foundation is now pleased to announce the third year of the competition, with 2024’s edition focusing on Tiny House-building technique and the theme: “Tiny: Beyond The Utopia”.

As ever, the competition is rooted in back-to-basics architecture, with feasibility and financial realities being key considerations alongside creativity and innovation: proof that Tiny House architecture is much more than a futuristic concept, serving instead as a genuinely viable option for those seeking a simple, sustainable lifestyle.

Registrations closed on 15th of January.


The Tiny House trend is an expression of a need for a simpler, more sustainable life in closer step with nature — a need Huttopia has been catering to for nearly 25 years now.

Long a niche interest, the Tiny House movement has been gaining traction as our society deepens its environmental awareness, appealing to a growing number of people looking for affordable accommodation with less impact on our planet. Increasingly viewed as a way of life, the Tiny House approach is about getting back to basics and embracing slow living.

In a bid to foster momentum around Tiny Houses, the Huttopia Foundation decided to launch a competition. Open to all, the contest is an opportunity for all participants to get their work noticed, with the winners being awarded the technical and financial resources needed to bring their prototype to life.

The first two editions took place in 2020 — amid the pandemic — and 2022, with close to 700 entrants signing up and 150 incredibly high-quality projects submitted by designers from all walks of life. The second edition had a more international flavour, with two of the three winning teams hailing from Tunisia, and 11 different nationalities represented.

Le Cocon

To support youth holidays in the midst of nature, the Foundation is accompanying Sport Dans la Ville, the first sports integration association in France, involved in taking over, running, and developing a holiday camp in an exceptional natural area.

The site will also serve as a training facility, an opportunity for everyone to learn to enjoy taking responsibilities, to gain confidence, and to discover the joys of enterprise.
The centre is planned to open in 2021 after building work is completed in 2020.